This product is rubbed under the tongue, moves straight into the Blood and Lymphatic systems getting directly to the cells and by passing the gut, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

It is best used in combination with capsules and various other products, depending on the illness being treated.

9 strain mixed with vegetable glycerine (vegan, halal etc)

80% absorption under the tongue

Dosage varies for children, seniors, pets, horses

Cannaihealu Infused Canna Glycerine drops

Regular, Extra Strong


10ml, 30 ml

1 review for Cannaihealu Infused Canna Glycerine drops

  1. admin

    14/05/2018 “Good day. From a very very happy person. I started in January with the 3 month protocol. I was diagnosed in January 2016 with RA and Fibromyalgia. I also used medication for my Thyroid for about 20 years. I started in January with your protocol… One month later I have stopped all medication after I weaned myself off by using less every week. It is now 3 months later without Any Medication. Just the Infused Drops now. I was at the Rheumatologist on Friday. Blood test shows NO traces of RA!
    Dr has put on file. RA in remission!
    Praise the Lord for Cannabis.
    Thank you for your great work you do.
    M. STEYL

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