About Us

We provide Medicinal CBD on consultation.

We are passionate about helping people to heal.

My Certification and Practice number T/DR Pr No. 000 11003/001.

I was a key Account manager for an IT company but for many years had a calling to help heal people. I just didn’t know how to go about it. When I left my company in 2018, I started with Essential Oils but somehow knew there must be more to helping people heal. CBD then fell into my lap.

I worked through a third party, learnt as much as I could, studied online and then found certain suppliers that had the products to help people and that were willing to teach me about their products. I worked from home and attended many exhibitions. I realise that it made sense to open an Ecommerce store and a store front, once I could after lock down so that I could assist more people with their health.

We consult with each client to establish how long they have had the issue, lifestyle, diet, exercise, medications etc. This all assists us to provide the correct product/s from a number of ranges to heal a particular person. No two people have the same DNA make up and what works for one may not work for another.

Medications and length of disease/health issue can also have a huge impact on how one heals and whether its best to take an oil, capsule or both or some other method of ingesting CBD.

Vitamin and mineral supplements of good quality, work synergistically with CBD providing they are the correct combination.