Easy ways to remember to take your supplements

So, here are some ideas that will help you to remember to take your Nordens Ultimate supplements:
1.      Hey Google, Do the Memory Work
Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa can make your life so much easier. One of the tasks you can and definitely should assign to it is reminding you to take your supplements every day. Just set a reminder for a certain time every day and your VA will make sure that you never forget.
2.      Have Options
If you only having your supplements in one place (like next to your bed or at your coffee station), you may risk only remembering to take them after you’re already at work. So, stock up on a few bottles of your essentials and put one in your car, and one in your office too. This way, you give yourself a few opportunities during the day to take them. Have a look at our great bulk deals on:
  • Toxin removal spray (the ultimate detox spray that is safe for children and pregnant mamas too)
  • Liposomal Vitamin C (boost your immunity in time for the cold weather)
  • Flu Bomb (no bugs here, thank you)
  • Nose spray for colds and flu (fight the seasonal sicknesses)
  • Moringa (an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)
  • Organamin (a powerful supplement with loads of benefits)
  • Selenium (packed with phyto marine minerals for physical and mental health)
3.      Association
Associate taking your Nordens supplements with other daily tasks that you’re already in the habit of doing. For example, put them next to your basin and drink them straight after brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, or putting your make-up on. Or, put them next to your bed and drink them with your first glass of water in the morning. By associating or pairing the taking of your supplements with something else, you’re far more likely to take them. This is also called stacking.
4.      Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Couples that supplement together stay together! And it’s a lot easier to remember when it’s part of your shared routine than when you’re trying to remember on your own. So, make a dual plan to remember your Nordens supplements. For example, put them next to your kettle or coffee machine and, when making your first morning tea or coffee for one another, include your supplements. Two minds are better than one.
5.      Love Letters
Show yourself some self-love and include little notes to remind you to take your supplement. These can be on your laptop screen, bathroom mirror, or dashboard. Whatever works! If you’re a list person, include it on a daily electronic list so that you can tick it off every day, once you’ve done it. This will give you a little dopamine boost too…very satisfying.
6.      Use a Reward System
There’s nothing wrong with a reward and, when it comes to daily rituals, rewarding yourself can sometimes be the best way to remember them. Of course, taking Nordens’ supplements gives plenty of rewards in terms of all the health benefits, but that’s in the longer term. So, for some immediate gratification, only have a treat (like your first cuppa of the day, a small block of dark chocolate, or your first glass of wine) after you’ve taken your supplements. Don’t go nuts – daily sugary treats will do far more damage than good. But, think about a small reward that will make it worth your while to remember. Once you’re in the habit of taking your supplements, you can choose to cut the treat.
7.      Don’t Run Out
A sure way to fall right out of routine is to skip it for a few days. To avoid this, make sure that you order new supplements with enough time to spare so that you don’t miss a day or three.
8.      Learn More About the Benefits
Sometimes, the best motivation and reminder is the awesome results of your Nordens supplements. For example, when you start to notice the difference in your hair, skin, and nails (especially during winter), you tend to be more committed to taking the supplement that’s resulted in your healthy, glowing, strong hair, skin and nails. So educate yourself and be committed to reaping the benefits.

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