Propolis and Rescue Balm

Bees, they make the world go around!

Without bees pollinating our crops, we would not have as much food as we have and the food we would have would be a lot more expensive.

That being said, most people are aware of honey being a valuable healing treatment. Honey is great used internally, eg. as a sweetener in drinks and food, and as a topical for wound healing.


We have added Propolis by Natures Cure @ R425.00 for a 20 ml bottle to our range.

Propolis is what the bees use to protect the hive from any invaders by reducing the size of the entrance and by covering any holes or unwanted openings from the outside. It keeps the inside of the hive immaculate and the honey clean too.

Read more about Propolis here. This is a fascinating site.






Cannaco Rescue Balm @ R100 for 15 ml and  R400 for 100ml.

A client asked me to get this for them as their friend had tried it and found it sorted out the whole family’s skin issues.  From arthritis, sore muscles and sun burn to eczema and rashes.

My client prefers this balm over the others that I have, and as they are so happy with it it I have decided to add it to the range.





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