Quality CBD Oil is vitally important

90% of black market cannabis oil is not even tested, and is sold by people who have no idea about how cannabis interacts with pharmaceutical medications or the body.

Did you know that cannabis oil has the potential to replace about 70% of all prescription medications?
It is no wonder big pharma is worried, and unlike other industries which the power of the corporation has managed to squash, this industry now has too much momentum to be controlled.

The one problem with the industry is that a lot of cannabis oil that is sold, is made by “stoners”, who use selling oil as a way of supporting their life choices. Throw in a darker gangster element and you have an unregulated, uncontrolled environment where a very powerful medicine is sold without concern. Most of these people have little education on how the body or cannabis work. When you combine this ignorance with an untested, potentially toxic oil, it is no surprise that we find so people getting “stiffed”, losing their minds or having bad reactions because of the side effects of medicines.

There is however a much smaller contingent of people who are well educated, and who truly understand the healing power of the plant. Anybody selling a powerful drug like cannabis should have the skills to give the user professional, and personalised service as a trained individual.

If you bought or are about to buy an oil the following should happen first:

  • A consultation is done first to ascertain your needs and to determine the strength and type of oil.
  • The consultation should include a drug interaction check. Did you know that cannabis interacts with about a quarter of all pharmaceutical medications?
  • The person who sold you the cannabis should be available for follow up questions.

If you have ever bought or are going to buy an oil from someone, it is not enough that they are your mate, or that is someone they know, a professional will have their oils tested and will know what the oil they sell is useful for.

Every industry in the world can be better and the cannabis industry is no different. Are you ready to be the contribution to the industry by demanding a better quality of service and product?

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