Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba is the common name for a number of plant species belonging to the genus Copaifera. At the same time, it is a tonic oleoresin that is obtained from the trunk of many South American leguminous trees having pinnate leaves and belonging to the genus Copaifera. The oleoresin obtained from these trees is dense and transparent and its color may vary from pale golden to deep brown, subject to the relative amount of resin to the essential oil enclosed by it.

The essential oil of copaiba is distilled from a clear yellow oleoresin known as copaiba. Following the distillation of the essential oil its color is generally pale yellow. This oil has a somewhat bitter flavour and its fragrance reminds one of the aromatic exudations of the tree. It is worth mentioning here that copaiba is deemed to be among the most anti-inflammatory substances available on this planet. Unfortunately, despite this valuable property of this oleoresin, people in most parts of the world use copaiba in the form of a varnish or lacquer.

Nevertheless, copaiba essential oil is widely used by aboriginal people in traditional medicine and currently its use is becoming popular across the globe.

The oleoresin of the copaiba tree, which is used to obtain the copaiba essential oil, is found accumulated inside the cavities in the trunk of this tree. The oleoresin is obtained by making scratches in the copaiba tree trunk. While the oleoresin obtained from copaiba tree trunk is called a balsam, actually it is more of natural oil, which is dense, clear and pale golden yellow. Sometimes, the color of the resin is golden yellow.

The oil obtained from copaiba oleoresin is often used for renovating art works, such as restoring the shades to old paintings. Nevertheless, the most vital properties of the copaiba tree are therapeutic, thanks to the essential oil obtained from its oleoresin.

It has been established that the copaiba essential oil possesses anti-bacterial properties. This oil has several uses and some of them include using it as an aromatic agent in perfumes, as well as manufacture of soaps, bubble baths, creams and lotions. It is believed that this herbal oil possesses diuretic, stimulant as well as disinfectant attributes. In addition, it has been found that copaiba balsam is highly beneficial for people with chronic mucous affections, for instance in bronchitis, chronic gonorrhea, irritable conditions of the urinary, bladder, chronic catarrh, leucorrhea, gleet, obstinate piles as well as chronic diarrhea.

In addition to its medicinal uses, copaiba balsam is also employed in the form of an emollient or lotion, and in paints and lacquers.

The astringent property of copaiba essential oil offers one of its most outstanding as well as admired health benefits. The active elements in copaiba actually help to tauten the skin, which, in turn, makes the skin look more youthful. At the same time, this amazing oil helps to lessen the natural response of the body to irritations or injuries and promotes digestion. The use of this essential oil also helps to diminish physical uneasiness caused by sporadic muscle stiffness.

In addition to protecting the skin as well as changing it physically, copaiba essential oil aids in healing the skin. At the same time, this oil instils potent nutrients and organic compounds in the body, thereby helping it to prevent the emergence of marks, pimples and blisters. In effect, often the essential oil obtained from copaiba oleoresin is applied externally to scars with a view to accelerate their healing as well as make them less visible.

In the context of aromatherapy, often people enduring some kind of respiratory problems or congestive disorders turn to the essential oil of copaiba. As this essential oil is of a soothing nature, it is inhaled in the form of an anti-inflammatory substance. Copaiba essential oil is reputed for alleviating any sort of discomfort as well as unwinds the tensed glands and muscles that may be responsible for some kind of irritation.

In fact, it appears that copaiba essential oil is something that most people seek, but very few actually find it. Apart from its medicinal properties discussed above, this essential oil also possesses excellent analgesic property and people have been traditionally using it for this property for generations. Irrespective of whether it is in the context of aromatherapy or applying it externally, copaiba essential oil has the aptitude to lessen pain and, at the same time, unwind the tense muscles, thereby alleviating joint pains. External application of this oil also helps to alleviate the uneasiness caused by headaches and migraines.

Copaiba essential oil is a very potent anti-bacterial agent and, hence, it has the aptitude to boost the immune system. In addition, this oil can also serve to protect the skin, shielding it from any wound from being infected. At the same time, it protects us internally, by eliminating the detrimental bacteria as well as microbes that may affect us negatively from inside.

In aromatherapy, practitioners have often used the essential oil of copaiba to lift the spirits and also enhance one’s mood. In fact, not many essential oils have a sweet and pleasing aroma akin to that of honey as copaiba essential oil. Therefore, a combination of this oil’s aroma as well as its mild effects on the hormonal balance can improve one’s day significantly.

Copaiba essential oil also offers several other notable health benefits. It helps to purify or rinse out the body and also detoxify the entire system by promoting urination. As a diuretic, this oil not only helps to increase the amount and frequency of urination, but also helps in all things related to urination, including incontinence and bedwetting provided it is used in the appropriate manner.

As far as fungal infections are concerned, there are very few essential oils that are actually effective. However, copaiba essential oil has unique terpene structures that are highly effective in dealing with fungal infections. If you are enduring athlete’s foot or any type of nail infections, you may try applying some copaiba essential oil on the affected place. You will be surprised to see how quickly the infections heal. At the same time, this oil will also protect you from fungal infections in future.

People who are keen to boost the health of their heart and also lessen the risks of developing a stroke or heart attack, it is advisable that you include some amount of copaiba essential oil in your aromatherapy practice or essential oil regimen. You will be surprised to find that you have made an intelligent choice. The comforting and anti-inflammatory nature of this oil may aid in alleviating tension and strain inside the blood vessels, thereby helping to bring down the high blood pressure and eliminate the tension from the cardiovascular system. Use of copaiba essential oil also helps to put off atherosclerosis – a major cause of coronary heart diseases and stroke across the globe.

General properties

  • Analgesic
  • antibacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antifungal
  • antiseptic
  • disinfectant
  • diuretic
  • lower blood pressure
  • skin health
  • respiratory health
  • sedative
  • stimulant
  • uplifting

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