The difference between FECO & RSO

FECO is Full Extract Cannabis Oil

RSO is Rick Simpson Oil

The main difference between the two oils is the type of product used for the extraction

They both contain a potent concentrated extract of raw cannabis containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant. Because of the concentrated strength of these oils, they are generally used for the more severe conditions that don’t respond to lower doses.

RSO is generally made by soaking the raw plant material in 99% isopropyl alcohol. It is dangerous to ingest isopropyl alcohol so the producers have to make absolutely sure that they have flushed the product and removed all the the traces of isopropyl alcohol.

FECO is made with bio-ethanol or grain alcohol which is safer. The alcohol is evaporated by carefully heating the product or letting it stand at room temperature until only the pure extract is left. FECO is also often extracted using a CO2 method.

Something to note is that they are full plant extracts, meaning all parts of the plant are used.  Sometime, isolate is promoted, which means all the other flavonoids, terpenes and chemicals that make up the plant have been removed leaving only CBD. One can also get broad spectrum CBD, which utilises most of the Cannabinoids in the plant but not all of them or all of the terpenes.

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