Meet Andi

I have been a stay at home Mom to my son who has Down Syndrome for the last 12 years. I had not been able to find work that would be flexible enough for me to be home with him whenever he became ill. Due to his immature Immune System, my son would sometimes be ill for two to three weeks at a time, no company would, at that stage, even consider taking me on. I came across this opportunity to not only be able to help my son medically, but other people who needed it as well.

These products have worked wonders for my son and so many other people. From the youngest to the eldest person, and even your precious furbabies, we can assist. Whatever illness you have, we can assist you to heal your body. Yes, read that again – YOU heal YOUR body.

The Cannabinoids are in our bodies from the day we are born but get depleted due to the toxins in our environment. Our bodies were created to take the nourishment and healing properties from the food we eat and from the water we drink, but over time and to keep up with production requirements, our food has become pumped full of hormones and growth agents that are toxic and provide very little of the “natural” nourishment our bodies need so desperately to heal themselves. This is what we do : Rebalance the blood, take out toxins, feed the body with cannabinoids and positive energy and let the healing begin…

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