Meet Brenda, passionate about helping you heal

I left my job as a Key Account Manager in the IT industry in early 2018.

I had always felt a push towards healing. I didn’t have a clue how to make this ‘healing path’ work and was loathe to study further at my age.

I set out working with my little knowledge and started created beauty/health products with as natural as possible ingredients. I also crafted essential oils into roll on ‘perfumes’ and scents and to assist with various ailments. I didn’t believe it was enough and while doing some research, I came across CBD products. After reading some testimonials, I felt confident that I had found what I was looking for – a way to help people feel like themselves again and a way to show them how to heal themselves.

I spoke to as many people in the industry as I could, a lot of them were more than willing to share their knowledge and I also studied through the Centre Of Excellence in the UK. I obtained a Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Oil Diploma, passing with a Distinction. I registered with the African National Healers Association and have a Traditional Doctors licence and practice number. I am also registered with the Cannabis Traders Association South Africa, and the Traditional & National Health Alliance (TNHA), I am not a Sangoma nor an Inyanga though. I am still studying, currently the Gut Brain Connection but I have a lot less time these days.

I attended a lot of exhibitions, pre Covid days and then started investigating the other brands available in SA. I had met so many passionate people, wanting to help others heal and willing to give a ‘newbie’ a hand up into the trade. I have had training on these brands too.

We generally do a consultation with each client, sometimes telephonically or via mail if they do not want to come for a visit because of time, distance etc. We need to check interactions between medications, and CBD, if any. It helps to know what body type, lifestyle, life preferences etc. that they have. Its not just about CBD, we try and treat people in an holistic manner. We encourage people to get their mindset and eating habits right too. We often include supplements, Sceletium, Collagen etc. as these are also vital to the correct functioning of the body. Many people want to get off the pharmaceuticals, (harmaceuticals), and so we can assist them to wean off. Some doctors are happy to discuss this and others just aren’t interested – in my view it shows their lack of understanding and as they are very well trained, they really should look into CBD more than they have.

I work with a range of suppliers, its fascinating how almost all are working toward the same goal  (helping people heal themselves) but with slightly different paths. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning from each of these people, and understanding how their path fits into the business of consulting with the clients. It really has made me open my mind and at times I combine the method from one supplier with the method from another and use both sets of products and come out winning. The ultimate goal is to help the client heal themselves and not break their bank in the process.

We will likely never stop learning though. There is still so much for everyone to learn about the healing properties of Cannabis, new discoveries are made almost every day by scientists.

I look forward to assisting you back to health.

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