Our diets are generally deficient in fruits and vegetables but contain large quantities of sugar, animal and dairy products, and these generate acid-forming chemicals in the body.

We almost all consume these foods therefore our bodies struggle to maintain acid/alkaline levels.

The resulting imbalance impacts your general health and energy levels, leading to many common health issues such as heartburn, headaches, disturbed sleep patterns and gout, amongst others.

The body has its own pH buffering systems to counteract acid, however over time the body may struggle to maintain the correct pH balances.

It is wise to start the healing with a cleanse.

Clean the blood, rebalance the body, heal the gut.  Then some of our health issues may already be resolved, it could be that it took years to get that bad, so we may need to take a little time to heal and achieve homeostasis.

During this time and thereafter you can then investigate the natural supplements to help your body along and keep it that way.

It all starts with you. It is a conscious choice to change your life to a healthy one. You don’t need to make major changes to start with, just be aware of what you are putting into your body, start doing a simple cleanse (which doesn’t leave you running to the loo, by the way), rebalance your blood and you are off to a brilliant start.

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