Times at which the organs peak

According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the different organs in the body peak at different times of the day.

It’s great to keep an awareness of this.  As you will have for example, a little body waking up at 5am every day.  Full of beans.  I mention the organ peaking is Large intestine and the dad says “well, he is always complaining of a sore tummy”.

3AM – 5AM


As you end your sleep cycle, the body should be kept warm to create ease on the lungs.  As the body is replenished of its oxygen.  Deep breathing will settle your nerves and set you up for that morning exercise.

5AM – 7AM


Morning time is the best time for your large intestine’s daily elimination, as the toxins from the day before are cleansed in multiple forms.  Including, washing your body and drinking lots of water for a fresh start to the day.  Avoid caffeine and include walks and exercise instead.

7AM – 9AM


They say breakfast should be your biggest meal, this is why.   This is ideal to optimize digestion and absorption for when this food moves to the small intestines to be further processed.   Cooked whole foods high in fibre, protein and healthy fats are best.

9AM – 11AM


The time when your natural enzymes are used to metabolize food, creating energy for the rest of the day. TCM believes the spleen to be the most crucial digestive organ as it makes antibodies to ward off infections, while monitoring our blood for intruders.  A perfect time to get your day going with work or exercise.  You would ideally like to do your most demanding tasks at this time.

11AM – 1PM


Midday, this organ is showing our body love, as nutrients are pumped throughout our system to assist with enough energy and nourishment.  The best time to eat a light, preferably cooked, meal, while connecting with those around you.   A cup of tea and a short nap would also contribute at this time.

1PM – 3PM


Food eaten earlier in the day will finish its digestion and assimilation by this time, while lunch is still being digested.  You can take this time to sort out issues and get organized as your body does the same thing.

3PM – 5PM


Your liquid metabolic waste is now being prepared in the kidney’s filtration system for release.  An optimal period for more mentally challenging project or studying.  More tea or water is encouraged to continue a smooth detox process.

5PM – 7PM


This is the peak time for blood purification as your kidneys create chemical balance while storing energy reserves.  It’s important to note the adrenals work with the kidneys to provide cortisol, which provides energy for our morning when kidneys are functioning at their lowest energy.                        At 5:30 you can also reach peak cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength.  A light dinner coupled with exercise will assure circulation is maximized before you sit and relax for the evening.

7PM – 9PM


The days nutrients are now being expelled to the capillaries and cells of your body.  Your blood pressure is at its highest at 7:30, so a massage, stretching or reading will signal your system to relax and enjoy the process, while sending a message to the mind to take a break.  The pericardium is also responsible for our reproductive organs signalling this as the optimal time to make love or conceive

9PM – 11PM


Also knows as Triple Burner or Triple Heater in TCM.  This 3-part system governs the blood vessels and arteries while controlling the flow of fluid throughout the body.  Our endocrine system works to create equilibrium while enzymes are being replenished.  This is the easiest time to start sleeping for the body to properly restore and replenish energy for the morning.

11PM – 1AM


Bile is being released now to aid in fat absorption as you rest, in preparation for the morning.  TCM indicates yin energy ebbing and yang energy increasing as we lay to rest.  This yang energy will be stored while you sleep and activated once you wake up and begin your day.

1AM – 3AM


As you sleep, your liver is at work storing and cleansing your blood. Toxins are expelled and new blood is supplied.  Trouble sleeping could be attributed to improper liver function, or polluted detox pathways, along with an excess of proper night-time liver performance.

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