Everybody is freaking out except for the CBD users and here is why..

Anandamide. You may have heard of it and for most of you, you may have even experienced an anandamide buzz after yoga or meditation. Named from the Sanskrit word “Ananda” which means bliss or joy, Anandamide is a neurotransmitter than your body manufactures and regulates mood, inflammation and appetite(munchy time). Anandamide also contributes to the runners high, but is released primarily after body, mind and soul activities such as yoga, tai chi and meditation.

The advantage that CBD users have is twofold when it comes to anandamide. Firstly, CBD, the non-psycho active component of CBD is an inhibitor of the enzyme which breaks down anandamide. What this means practically is that whatever anandamide your brain is releasing will stick around for longer. This is the same principle that most anti-depressants use to prevent the breakdown of serotonin, another feel good neurotransmitter.

Secondly, and even more useful, is the fact that THC, the fun cannabinoid, mimics anandamide and binds to receptors in the Endocannabinoid system, and thus users of CBD experience feelings of bliss and joy, which has the ability to override emotions like despair and anxiety.

The correct dose is the key here because excessive amounts of THC can provoke anxiety and phobias. This is why, especially if you are starting out with CBD, it is best to consult with a professional who can guide you when it comes to choosing the right dose and strain to suit your particular body type, ailments and personality.

CBD can be used in many ways, smoking, vaping, edibles, drops, capsules, suppositories, gummies & cookies

CBD can be a drug with side effects if its used incorrectly or it can be a massive contribution to your life in every way.

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