Benefits & usage of CBD

Your body has a self-regulating system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps the body’s various systems work as they should. This is know as homeostasis.

CBD is NOT a silver bullet and cannot miraculously assist you.  You may need to deal with the issues of your gut, inflammation and certain other issues before CBD can assist you in the way that you expect.

You cannot go on drinking 10 cups of coffee a day with 2 sugars or eating processes foods daily (which may be part of the gut issue, along with stress) and expect CBD or any other medication to miraculously assist you. Your health is your choice, but whilst we CBD consultants are happy to walk the path with you, advise, encourage and assist, it is really up to you.

And changes, however small, will need to be made. CBD will still assist but could take longer to alleviate your issue if no changes are made. Hence many people buy a CBD product at the local pharmacy or at a market and then come along and say its nonsense, it doesn’t work.

We often offer a selection of vitamins, minerals and/or supplements along with the CBD products to assist you on your path to healing and getting your body back into homeostasis. In certain cases we may offer you a capsule ore two kinds, and an oil, or a tea, depending on your health issue, lifestyle and pocket.

CBD reduces pain and inflammation.

CBD stimulates the “feel-good” part of the brain, thus reducing anxiety.

CBD as a strong antioxidant is more efficient at protecting the cells from free radical damage than Vitamins E and C.

CBD is known to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain, creating a calming effect that contributes to high-quality sleep.

CBD alleviates many illness’s and diseases as it works with the bodies own system.


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