What is a consultation?

A consultation is where we find out which ailments/illness you have, along with the medications that you have been prescribed.

We also need to know your age and how long you have been ill and taking medication for and we need to know your lifestyle. Very active, sedentary etc.

We then match your medications and illness’s with products from our range, creating a protocol for healing for you.

Please enter all your ailments on the form. Complete one form per person/child/animal.

Mil info@oilforhealth.co.za to obtain a consultation form.

We do not  :

  • diagnose or treat any named disease
  • have the authority to take you off any prescribed medication, that choice is entirely your own.
  • provide eating plans however we may suggest that a specific type of nutrition or lifestyle may be advantageous for you to undertake – however the choice on whether to follow this advice is entirely your own.

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