Silverlab Ionic Colloidal Silver Healing Cream may be used for skin problems.

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    Several years ago I developed extremely high blood pressure – high enough to scare the living daylights out of me. I’m a health shop owner and the herbal medication I tried wasn’t working quickly enough.

    A doctor prescribed medication, which stabilised the pressure, but two years ago I suffered an allergic reaction to these pills in the form of a ringworm-like rash that covered my legs. The itch was terrible and I would wake up 3.00 am scratching myself to pieces. I was at my wits end when I decided to try a sample of colloidal silver cream given to me by a sales representative.

    This product is marvellous – within 30 seconds (no lie) I had relief from the itch, and the rash was gone in two days. I began stocking this range of products and my patients tell me I’ve found the miracle cure. Apart from the cream, the liquid has been effective in treating bladder infections, colds and ‘flu. I actively promote this product as I know it works.

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