ZincAL Immune Renu maintains valuable nutritional support for your immune system, skin, prostate, eyes and more. This essential mineral is a crucial element of the body’s primary antioxidant enzymes.

Each high-potency capsule delivers 29mg of Zinc Sulphate 1-Hydrate

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    “I’ve just recovered from Covid-19 with the help of Naturmade. I took Zinc-Al Immune Renu, Selenium EAC and Gastro-Eze to support my immunity. My doctor was amazed at my strong recovery as I am almost 60 with a heart condition. I avoided a lot of medications with harmful side-effects and had the support of Naturmade, loads of rest, water, daily sun exposure and staying away from sugar. I am grateful for Naturmade’s role in educating and providing nutraceutical products in such an affordable, accessible manner. THANK YOU!” – Ron, 2021

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