The greatest efficacy observed, has been in the treatment of semi-chronic rather than acute pain. Devil’s Claw is excellent for on-going joint pain relief.

Devil’s Claw is regarded as safe to take in pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding, however, as a potent digestive tonic herb, it may cause an upset stomach when used in higher doses. It is therefore recommended to be avoided if there is a sensitive or inflamed digestive lining such as in peptic ulcers.


In a randomised study in patients with back pain, treatment with Devil’s claw extract (equivalent to 6gms of root and containing 50mg of harpagoside) for 4 weeks, demonstrated a significant reduction of pain compared to placebo and more patients in the treatment group, were pain free at the end of the study. A similar study confirmed these results finding more patients receiving the Devil’s claw, pain free at the end of another 4 week trial. Source: (Chrubasik S et al: Eur J Anaesthesiol 16(2):118-129, 1999)


Take one tablet three times a day. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


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