Natures Cure uses crushed apricot kernels, 7 per capsule.

• Apricot kernels, along with other bitter almonds, millet, sprouts, lima beans, spinach, bamboo shoots, and even the seeds of many fruits contain cyanide. That’s right! Poison-you-dead cyanide, yet they are still safe to eat because the cells of our bodies don’t have the enzymes to release the cyanide.

• The theory is simple, cancer cells, which are not the same as our body’s normal cells, contain an enzyme (enzymes help break down substances in the body) called Beta-glucosidase. Why is this relevant?

• Because the enzyme, beta-glucosidase, unlocks the cyanide and another chemical called benzaldehyde. The potent combination unleashes a chemistry that becomes toxic to cancer cells specifically.


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