By absorbing gasses and toxins, Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ® CharcoTabs ® and Charcoal Chewies for Kids ® effectively reduce bloating, cramps, and stomach ache.

  • Antidote to Poisoning: As an emergency antidote to swallowed poisons, activated charcoal is without equal among known and commonly used absorbents. It is an antidote in practically all swallowed poisons.
  • Mild to severe Food Poisoning: Nausea, vomiting, foul smelling eructation (burping), cramps, rumbling in the intestines and diarrhoea are some of the symptoms of food poisoning. Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ® and CharcoTabs ® absorb any offending substances and can stop symptoms in under an hour.
  • Drug Overdose: Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ®, Charcoal Chewies for Kids ® and CharcoTabs ® can absorb drugs that have been ingested. If taken immediately after the drug has been swallowed, it will absorb enough to prevent many toxic side effects.


Activated charcoal is non-toxic, so you cannot overdose. You can take activated charcoal when symptoms appear or as a daily detox.


  • As a general daily detox agent: Take 1-6 tablets or 1-4 capsules daily with a glass of water.
  • Stomach Ache, Food Poisoning: 4-6 tablets or 2-4 capsules taken immediately and an additional 2 tablets every 6 hours thereafter, or until the symptoms subside.
  • Hangover: While not a cure for a hangover, taking charcoal after a night out, prior to falling asleep and as soon as you wake up, will serve to ‘soak’ up the residue and toxins left over from alcohol consumption. Take 7 CharcoTabs or 5 CharcoCaps prior to sleep and repeat upon waking. Drink up to 500ml of water at the same time. Check out our specially formulated Naturmade So-Sob’r.
  • Diarrhoea: Research suggests that it may be useful for diarrhoea. Take 6-10 tablets or 5-8 capsules immediately and a further 4-6 tablets or 2-4 capsules every few hours or until symptoms subside.
  • Chewies Dosage: Children 3 years+: 2-4 Chewies as, and when needed. Drink water to rinse away charcoal residue left after chewing.


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