A warm, sweet and lively herb that inspires feelings of inner balance. Eases all-around tension while guiding the mind towards calm and invigorated thoughts.

Clary sage is a flavouring and essential oil, it is used as an ingredient in fragrance. Clary sage contains sclareol, a scent molecule that can be used to mimic the effects of ambergris in perfume. Ambergris, a substance produced by whales with a tummy ache, is an extremely rare substance that acts as a perfume fixative. It’s also illegal in the United States, and many other jurisdictions, and has been since the 70s. Fortunately, in the 1960s, chemists looking for additives to improve the taste of tobacco had isolated sclareol, and by the 70s, perfumers realized it could be used to help maintain scents in a sustainable and cruelty-free way.


100ml, 11ml, 22ml, 50ml


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