What’s The Story • Cannaco is made up of a team that’s incredibly passionate about life. From work to weekend, staying fit and fearless, supplements to eating healthy and of course, we love our coffee. I once heard that “life is too short to drink bad coffee” – Nathaniel, and since that day, we only do great coffee. That’s how we found Coastal Coffee Roasters. Having the best cup of coffee in my entire life, we decided to share it with the world and of course, we added a bit of our happiness. Happy & Casual Joe is what you get when a laid back guy who loves a cup of joe meets Jordy, the big bird.

Product Description
Cannaco teamed up with Coastal Coffee Roasters who’s dedicated to bringing out the best in the beans they roast. Happy Joe is a hand-roasted coffee, blended with broad-spectrum CBD to boost the energy of your brain, keep you focused, reduce anxiety and anxieties associated with caffeine and improve your general well being while getting your daily caffeine kick.


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