BIOMEDCAN CBD MOOD CAPSULES is a combination of active ingredients (herbs and minerals) and 10mg CBD isolate per daily dose of 2 capsules. CBD is one of the natural compounds of Hemp extract and maximises the “Entourage Effect” of the active ingredients in this product.

This CBD Mood Enhancer Product may assist you in improving your mood while decreasing anxiety, stress, depression and mood swings. It may also assist in regulating heart rhythm and lowering high blood pressure.

Take two capsules with water and food in the morning and if necessary take an extra dose as a booster in the afternoon or evening.

A dose of two capsules contains 10mg of CBD.

Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 20mg of CBD.

This highly concentrated health / food supplement is recommended with a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

There is ZERO THC in this product.

This CBD for Mood product does not have a hallucinogenic effect and is non-addictive.



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