Chakra Healing – The key to better health

Base Chakra – Red – Jasper etc.

A variety of chalcedony. Strengthens liver, gallbladder and bladder. It’s a powerful healing stone .It represents the earth element, Jasper is know as the supreme nurturer. balances yin-yang energy

Lower abdomen Chakra – OrangeCarnelian etc.

Its a very highly involved mineral healer. Energises blood, aids kidneys, lungs, liver gallbladder and pancreas. Aids tissue regeneration as well. Aligns physical and etheric bodies and facilitates concentration.

Solar plexus Chakra – YellowTiger Eye/Yellow Jasper etc.

Enhances physic stabilities, assists in the gentle attunement/harmony of third eye activity. Contains solar energy, balances yin-yang energy, stimulates understanding and wealth.  Helps with treatment of the eyes, throat, reproductive system, aids night vision, alignment of the spinal column and broken bones.

Heart Chakra – GreenAventurine/Amazonite etc.

Purifies mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Aids in releasing anxiety and fear.  Stimulates muscle tissue and strengthens blood. Assists with emotional tranquillity, positive attitudes towards life. Brings one into alignment with their centre. assists with independence.

Throat Chakra – Light BlueTurquoise/Howlite etc.

It is a master healer, emanating a purifying energy which tends to dissipate negativity, aids in the absorption of nutrients, stimulates regeneration of the tissues, treatment of headaches, assists with repairing physical damage.

Third Eye – Dark Blue – Lapis Lazuli/Sodalite etc.

Strengthens skeletal system and activates the thyroid gland. Releases lesions and anxiety. Provides mental clarity, illumination and creative expression. Assists with total awareness.  Facilitates opening of chakras.

Crown Chakra – Purple/VioletAmethyst/Sugulite etc.

Strengthens endocrine and immune system. Is a powerful blood cleanser and energiser.  Assist with mental disorders.  Excellent for use in meditations, aids channelling abilities. Symbol of divine love, inspiration and intuition.

Always a good stone to include is Clear Quartz.

This is a stone of power. It receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. It brings the energy of the stars into the soul. It enhances the crystalline properties of blood, mind and body. Excellent for meditation. Also stimulates brain functions.

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