Silk Protein Masks

The mysterious ancient goddess Aphrodite, the symbol of love and beauty. Aphrodite leads us to seek for the secret of beauty.

Secret de Beaute has brought us the answers.

Through tens of thousands of personal experience of the beauty loving people, the silk facial mask has proven to be the highest obedience, the best breathability, and the most comfortable.

The silk protein in the silk has excellent moisturizing properties, and it can be absorbed easily by the skin, and give full play to the moisturizing effect. You feel fresh and not greasy after use.

Combining thousands of years of human history and culture with modern technology, the only facial mask on the market designed and formulated by professional aesthetic physicians.

Natural without irritations, suitable for all skin types.

Here we present you the beautiful gifts: Three Top Silk Facial Masks.


Snail Secretion Tightening Mask

Using carefully selected snail extract, with an efficient repair mechanism, rejuvenates the skin. Deep nourishment and conditioning

can tighten pores. Specially added patented pentapeptide can penetrate the skin pores directly into the subcutaneous area, helps synthesize needed collagen. Silk protein and hyaluronic acid have excellent moisturizing functions, can maintain skin elasticity. Calendula can delay aging and prevent wrinkles from growing. Use this mask for youthful, radiant, and supple skin.

Main ingredients: snail extract, Pentapeptide, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, Calendula Extract

Applicable skin: Suitable for any skin type

Usages: Repair the skin, Tighten pores, Reduce wrinkles, Anti-aging, Makes skin youthful and radiant


Hydating Silk Mask

Hyaluronic acid and silk protein both have excellent water-locking and moisturizing function. They soften the superficial cuticle, improves skin’s water content, and form a thin film layer on the skin surface, to protect dry and damaged skin. CoQ10 can neutralize free radicals, improve cell viability, and repair aging skin. Nicotinamide improves skin texture and reduce water loss. Aloe vera gel has moisturizing and repairing properties. This mask contains rich and powerful moisturizing ingredients, which make your skin supple and translucent .

Main ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, Aloe vera gel, Nicotinamide, Green tea extract

Applicable skin: Suitable for any skin type

Usages: Rich in a variety of powerful moisturizing ingredients, Deeply hydrating, Locks in water to prevent water loss, Enjoy the ultimate in fresh, hydrated skin


Pearl Whitening Mask

This mask contains a variety of selected effective whitening ingredients. Vitamin C inducer can dilute the generated melanin through reduction and oxidation. Transamin can block the formation of melanin, which is a potent whitening component. Nano-sized pearl powder is a precious whitening and blemish-reducing holy product. Use this mask to help your skin regain its lost radiance, and return to flawless skin.

Main ingredients: Vitamin C inducer,  Pearl powder, Transamin, Loofah water, Chamomile Extract, Hyaluronic acid.

Applicable skin: Suitable for any skin type

Usage: Rich in a variety of whitening ingredients, Gently release whitening factors for a long time, Create clear & translucent, Also prevent the occurrence of dullness skin, Maintain bright and radiant clear skin

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