Baaaaad Goats Destroyed Cash Crop and Left SA in Fits of Giggles – Good things guy

“Early one morning the herd of milking goats escaped from their paddock and made their way to the hidden cannabis plantation. They grazed excessively and within a few hours, the once thriving 2ha cannabis field, had essentially disappeared! All that remained was the goat herd, half of which were sleeping amongst the carnage and the rest visibly perplexed and moving at a fraction of their usual, fun & frantic pace.

The goats were found shortly before the afternoon milking and were, with considerable effort, able to be milked. Upon analysis it was found that the milk contained surprisingly high counts of both THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, and CBD. Further research showed that the reason for the high levels shown was because CBD binds well with the amino acids found in goats’ milk and THC cannabinoids in turn attach themselves to the smaller fat globules found in the milk. Once attached, the cannabinoids become concentrated, heightening the chemical composition and increasing the psychoactive effect when consumed.”

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