Methods of ingesting CBD

Your body uses the CBD differently depends on how you ingest it.

CBD works in the body via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS system is an extensive regulatory network that maintains optimum balance in the body.

The ECS  plays a vital role in the body, including mood, pain, pleasure, appetite, immune function, and sleep.

CBD works in the body by finding the cells that are damaged and trying to repair them.  It also binds to the bodies CBD receptors allowing them to do the necessary work of bring the body back to health and homeostasis.



Heat alters the chemical structure of cannabinoids. The smoke you inhale contains the compound that gives you a “high.” The basic compound of THCa is converted into THC by the heat of lighting and smoking.

Smoking CBD has not been associated with increased lung cancer risk, but smoke does do microscopic damage to the lungs eventually.

All in all, smoking is not the healthiest decision a person can make. Symptoms will generally clear up if you stop smoking.


Vaping heats CBD to the point that the CBD resin is released but does not heat the herb enough to burn the plant material.

The exposure to heat is too short to activate the THC.  You need to expose heat for 90 sec for 1st activation.  270 sec for 2nd activation and 3-4min for 3rd activation.

THC and other cannabinoids connect with the central nervous system and enter the bloodstream with vaping. However, you may still struggle to reach the correct dose of CBD for specific conditions.


Edibles provide one of the most potent delivery methods available. Edible CBD is metabolized by the liver. This means that more THC is converted into a usable form.

When you eat an edible, the body produces more of a particular metabolite which is more psychoactive than THC. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily, which results in a powerful long lasting high.


CBD Oils are great option. Medicinal CBD oil comes in flavours or natural taste. They are mostly used to Micro dose with.

One of the best ways to consume CBD is with a little bit of fat. CBD resin is made of fats and cannabinoids are fat-soluble, meaning that they are broken down by fat and not water.

Infusing CBD extract with a carrier oil like coconut or MCT oil can improve the product’s bioavailability. This will make it more cost effective as less is used and it is easily absorbed by the body.

Liposomal oils ensure that the medicinal cannabinoids are encased in fat, which produces a faster delivery and enables your cells to absorb more cannabinoids and use the CBD.


Raw CBD is the only way to preserve cannabinoid acids.

Before heating, THC is found as delta9-tetrahydrocannabinoilic acid (THCA). Other cannabinoids are also found in their acid form as well.

Two things convert cannabinoid acids into their “active” forms: heat and age. The longer your dried bud sits around, the longer the flower matures, the more cannabinoid acids change molecular structure.

These changes affect the way the compounds interact with the body.

Similarly, applying heat transforms these acids into a slightly different molecule. For example, nonpsychoactive THCA becomes psychoactive THC.

When you consume raw CBD, you can consume hundreds of times more cannabinoids than you can when you heat the herb. The raw cannabinoid acids are used differently in the body and do not directly engage the cannabinoid receptors as the psychoactive substance does.

The most common way of consuming raw CBD is through juices and smoothies.


Capsules are a great way to get CBD into the body. They are swallowed and enter the gut providing a slow release, often enhanced by using a tincture or oil as well.  They are generally in a MCT or Coconut oil to aid absorption.

The idea is to keep the CBD level of the body up at all times. So taking an oil  or tincture that gets absorbed in the mouth, paired with a capsule either in the morning or evening or both may really get you back to homeostasis and allow the body to heal.

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