Make sense of chaos by gaining back your health. R49.95

Letting your immune system fight, makes it easy to smile in the face of what comes your way.

Whether it be increased immunity, lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation, diabetes prevention, or improved metabolism… PALVBLU’s CBD infused Rooibos tea, forms part of the fresh food, super food and health food chain that defines modern living.

The name PALVBLU is derived from the Palos Verdes Blue butterfly, arguably the rarest butterfly in the world only found in California. We believe our product is as rare as this beautiful butterfly.

Produced proudly EXCLUSIVELY in the Western Cape in South Africa, PALVBLU’s CBD infused Rooibos tea is meant to draw attention to the health benefits of Rooibos tea and CBD as a healing and preventative measure against illness and poor health.

The product is a 10 tag less teabag CBD infused Rooibos tea box in seven flavours. The CBD content per teabag is 5 mg.

The product is totally legal in South Africa with a THC content of 0%. The CBD Isolate is imported from the United States is 99.9% pure, tested in a SAPHRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) approved lab with an acceptable COA issued.

The tea is infused with a mixture of Carrier oils and CBD, developed in a SAPHRA approved lab, accompanied by a COA that analyses content.

The flavours are Original, Ginger, Mint, Lemon Grass, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Pomegranate.


  • 0.4 ml Natural flavouring per sachet
  • Sachets are steam sealed

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