Healthy Reasons that Activated Charcoal is The New Black

If you’ve taken a peek through Instagram recently, you’ve surely noticed: Activated Charcoal
and black food is everywhere!
Activated Charcoal’s proven superpower of adsorbing toxins has led it to be the single most effective
remedy for lethal drugs overdoses and used in hospital and vet emergency rooms to treat various
types of poisonings – all the more reason that it should be an indispensable addition to your medicine
cabinet! In addition, it turns out that it has fabulous health benefits for your skin, stomach and is
a potent detoxifier and hence it’s now commonly available in health food stores like Faithful To
Local GP Dr Terry Serebro explains, “Activated Charcoal is my go-to remedy whenever I have a
patient who presents with diarrhoea, gas, spastic colon and food poisoning. I love the fact that it is
non-toxic and works fast to relieve symptoms. The feedback I get from patients who use it is
overwhelmingly positive.”
Why It Works
Also known as activated carbon or coconut ash, the supplement (usually taken in capsule, tablet or
powder form with water) can do everything from preventing hangovers to mitigating the side effects of
food poisoning, reduce bloating and remove toxins (a godsend for your skincare routine!). Activated
Charcoal is not digested or dissolved by the acids or alkalis of the digestive tract and therefore it is not
assimilated into the blood stream, rendering it absolutely non-toxic.
How Activated Charcoal is Made
Activated charcoal is made by burning wood or coconut shells at high temperatures to remove all
oxygen – activating it with steam-like gases. What remains is a highly absorbent material with millions
of tiny pores that capture, bind and remove heavy metals, chemicals, gasses and poisons.
Love Your Gut
Activated charcoal capsules and tablets can be used to treat stomach pain caused from excess gas,
food intolerances, diarrhoea, bloating and indigestion. The tablets are perfect if you’re traveling to a
new country or town and happen to get food poisoning or a bad tummy. However, be sure to buy a
good quality product with high levels of activation and absorbency, as do not want to under dose in an
The level of activation and absorbency is measured by what’s called an Iodine number. Most
activated charcoal products measure iodine numbers of around 500 – 800. Some brands on the
market (like Naturmade’s Charco range for example) have extremely high iodine numbers, ranging
between 1100 -1500, making them one of the most ‘super’ activated charcoal products on the local
market and Ideal in emergency situations.

Customer Careline: +27 (11) 396 2781
2 Activated Charcoal is The New Black – Jul 2017
Emergency Calls
Let’s face it – in an acute gastric attack or poisoning (in humans or pets), you don’t want to mess
around. Any emergency calls for the highest quality, fastest acting product. That’s why it’s important
to choose a product that has been in the market for a substantial amount of time, preferably
incorporating imported materials and the highest quality standards. Also, be sure to choose activated
charcoal tables free of the laxative sorbitol (like the activated charcoal used in hospitals to help
quickly flush remove poisons from the body).
Bye Bye Hangover
While not a cure for a hangover, taking charcoal after a night, prior to falling asleep and as soon as
you wake up, will serve to ‘soak’ up the residue and toxins left over from alcohol consumption. Just
like a fatty meal tends to dilute the toxins in your tummy, which makes you feel a lot better, charcoal
‘soaks’ up these toxins, encapsulates them and ejects them from your bowels, leaving you feeling
much better and less hung over
Simply take 6 tablets/4 capsules befo

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